How Can You Help Children –

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How Can You Help Children – 

Dear Friends,

How can you help children? We want you to think about this in a most concerning way. We are grateful to the many individuals and companies who support the mission of Hope for Children Foundation. It’s a privilege to do this work, and we are grateful to the dedicated people whose efforts and talents make our programs possible. You have made a difference in the lives of so many individuals served by our agency. Our programs continue meeting challenges, maintaining steadfast determination and showing compassion for the plight of many individuals and families affected by sexual assault and domestic violence; tragedies of staggering proportions.


Families Devestated

Unfortunately countless families have been, and continue to be, devastated by the ravages of sexual assault and domestic violence not only in Texas but across the nation and globally. Yet, there is reason to be hopeful. More people are consistently standing up to say, “Sexual assault, domestic violence and battering is not right, it is not acceptable, and it is not a private family matter.” Many state and federal law enforcement officers, legislators, judges, and prosecutors give official voice to society’s disapproval. In addition, many social workers, teachers, medical professionals, mental health experts and others also condemn the once secret abuse that has inflicted irreparable damage in so many families.

A Systemic Epidemic

The numerous negative health outcomes and the number of people affected by abuse demonstrate that we are dealing with an epidemic. Public health is about promoting health and curbing the ill effects of individual and social behavior which can lead to a wider poor health outcome among communities. We must recognize sexual abuse and domestic violence are preventable public health problems. Sexual assault and domestic violence affects the victim, the abuser, the family and the community surrounding them. These are not isolated incidents; they have a physical, emotional and systemic ripple effect. Like stones dropped in water, these violent abuses spread multiple ills through the community from the epicenter of the affected children, parents, intimate partners and others.

Our Family is Worth It

Together we must be involved in stopping abuse for the sake of our families and communities. Individuals must be empowered within families, churches, schools, towns, community centers, and businesses to make effective changes. Since abuse is perpetuated by inaction, please join us and together we can enhance better public health and protection for our children and adults. As we continue our work creating positive responses to strength­en survivors of these crimes, we count on your continued support.

We are Asking You

How can you help children? We encourage you to read about the services performed by Hope for Children Foundation and view our online video training, click on Training after accessing our Web site located in Dallas, Texas, not affiliated with any other entity wrongfully using our name, Hope for Children Foundation. Please feel free to share our Web site with your family, friends and colleagues. Education is powerful and Hope for Children Foundation provides so much information intended to empower individuals within communities, enabling better protection for children and adults.

Thank you for your concern about children and adults.


Patricia L. Hope Kirby, Executive Director

And the Board of Directors of Hope for Children Foundation

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I was born and grew up in Dallas, Texas. I am one of seven children with four brothers and two sisters. I have many aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, and other family members. In my circle of friends, unfortunately sexual assault and domestic violence has been brought to my attention. I am very serious about helping as many people as possible create peace, freedom, stability and an abuse free life. It is an honor to do this work and help improve the lives of children and their entire family. My family and friends are very important to me and so are you even though perhaps we have not met in person. I sincerely hope information on this Web site is helpful to you and your loved ones.

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