How Many Victims? –

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How Many Victims? –

How many victims? FBI Report many Child Victims – Before A Child Abuser is Caught

How many other child victims could there have been? The FBI Report many child victims exist before a child abuser is caught. Keep your eye on west Texas child abuse, and report child abuse to law enforcement officers.

Ector County District Attorney’s Office successfully prosecuted a 65 year old male resident of Ector County, Texas and reported this information June of 2012. He was convicted of 6 counts of Indecency With A Child, 1 count of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, 1 count of Continuous Sexual Abuse of Young Children for assaulting children who were known to him.


How many victims were abused?

25 Years Sentencing

The jury returned its verdict after about one hour. The jury sentenced him to 25 years in prison on the Continuous Sexual Abuse of Young Children, 5 years in prison for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, and 2 years probation on the 6 counts of Indecency With a Child. All of the sentences will run concurrently.

Thank you Law Enforcement Officers of Ector County and the Ector County District Attorney’s Office for successfully investigating and prosecuting this case. These law enforcement officers understand the importance of protecting children and to show child abusers and the community, bullying, violence, rape and/or any kind of abuse to children are not tolerated and they will work to eradicate child abuse with every opportunity given them. Today, there is one less child abuser on the streets of Ector County, Texas, hoping to provide a safer community for the innocent to thrive and live an abuse free life.

Horrific Crimes Against Children

Unfortunately, west Texas is not the only area in Texas where children are abused. Child abuse continues throughout many areas of Texas, this nation and other parts of the world. Please educate yourself with the Free video training, state and federal law enforcement training and education, just click on Training within the Web site of to help better protect children from abusers.

Thank you again Ector County District Attorney’s Office and the Law Enforcement Officers who helped with the investigation and prosecution of this case.

You really care!

Hope for Children Foundation

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