Jerry Sandusky Trial –

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Jerry Sandusky Trial – 

Graphic Testimony from His Victims, the Jury finds Jerry Sandusky Guilty On Dozens Of Child Sex Abuse Charges.

The Jerry Sandusky trial with graphic testimony from his victims presented over the past three weeks helped convict the legendary Penn State coach. On Friday June 22, 2012, former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of 48 counts related to sexual abuse of boys over a 15-year period.  The evidence was overwhelming against Sandusky. The jury finds Jerry Sandusky guilty on dozens of child sex abuse charges. Jurors delivered the verdict related to all 10 sexual abuse victims, with  three not-guilty verdicts applying to three different individuals.

I hope I won’t be abused.

Arrest of Jerry Sandusky

Judge John Cleland revoked Jerry Sandusky’s bail and ordered his arrest. A video showed him leaving the courthouse in handcuffs and heading into a police car destined for the Centre County jail. Reporters stated Sandusky said nothing when he was questioned if he had anything to say to the victims before he entered the vehicle.

Testimony of Victims

We are grateful for the victims who testified, offering evidence for justice to prevail and to hold the ex-coach accountable for his crimes against them. It is usually incredibly difficult for victims of sexual assault to unearth long buried memories of personal suffering.  Jerry Sandusky’s victims faced the demons of their past and now Sandusky will be far away from any other children. It is reported Jerry Sandusky should be sentenced in about 90 days.

This was a case in which  many people throughout the nation could hardly believe Jerry Sandusky was guilty of sexual assault crimes. Many victims came forward with testimony of what each of them experienced with Jerry Sandusky. Unfortunately, the accusations were found to be true. The nation was shocked. Many perpetrators of these types of crimes are able to get by with it and are never held accountable for their crimes against their victims.

We thank the victims for their testimony and everyone else who fought for their protection. Justice is being served in this case. You really care!


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