New Youtube Stuff –

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New Youtube Stuff –

New Youtube Stuff – See how Hope for Children Foundation is Growing…first time using this and liking it so far. Hope for Children Foundation is growing with national recognition.

Please check out our training videos on Youtube. Our new Youtube stuff can be found on channel HopeForChildrenFndTX and the FREE training videos are informative. Please watch them and let me know what you think.


Youtube is a fun place to watch funny videos.

Our Purpose of Using Youtube

The purpose of YouTube is for sharing Videos with the rest of the internet world. Although it starts out with mostly personal videos with all kinds of messages and/or just something simple without much of a message at all. Youtube seems to be growing to become a place where amateur journalists or bystanders can post their up-to-the-minute video on news and happenings, and the video can be seen by the general public.

Youtube can be very entertaining and a fun place for family to spend time together watching all kinds of videos, funny, sad, unusual, scientific, really what can be thought about with the human mind can be created in a video. It is really amazing to watch so many of the videos uploaded to Youtube.

Hope for Children Foundation uses Youtube as a vehicle to reach the general public with valuable training concerning reducing crimes of sexual assault and domestic violence against children and adults. Our videos are free for viewing to any person who wants to watch them.

No Affiliation With Other Entities

Hope for Children Foundation is not affiliated with any other entity. This is important for you to know, since others are wrongfully using our name on the Internet without our permission. We have hired attorneys working on those legal issues. Our IRS children’s charity EIN number for our non profit organization is: 75-2756638.  Please make sure you recognize our correct URL address as:

Thank you!

More Training Videos

Also if you want more training; go to the Website:

and click on the link “Training” at the top.

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