Texas Crime Victim Compensation –

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Texas Crime Victim Compensation –

Texas Crime Victim Compensation Division within the Texas Attorney General’s Office, offer up to about $50,000 in benefits to eligible victims of crime.


Just give them a call and get your application processed. Help is there, you have to make the call.

Contact Your State

Please contact your state for available benefits; benefit amounts vary from state to state.

Do you know what crimes are covered in Texas under Crime Victim’s Compensation Division of The Office of the Attorney General?

Please check with your state to confirm if the following crimes are covered:

Sexual assault


aggravated robbery



…and other violent crimes in which the victim is injured and suffers physical or emotional harm or death, including family violence offenses.

Only these motor vehicle related crimes are covered:

failure to stop and render aid

driving while intoxicated


criminally negligent homicide

aggravated assault

intoxication manslaughter

Some restrictions apply so please request the Office of the Attorney General to mail you the complete written material about Crime Victims’ Compensation.

The Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund is regarded as “the payer of last resort” since it is a secondary source that pays for certain out-of-pocket expenses related to the crime that the victim hs no other way to pay.  Other sources that have to pay first include:  HMO/health insurance, disability insurance, workers’ compensation benefits, social security, Medicare or Medicaid.

The following include a checklist of resources for victims of domestic violence: medical expenses, counseling for the victim and victim’s family, lost wages, childcare and relocation. A victim of a federal crime should contact the nearest United States Attorneys Office and speak to the Coordinator of Victim Services for federal resources available to a victim qualifying under federal guidelines. Go to the Internet and type Help For Victims into your browser or OVC Resource Center. You may also go to the Web site:

https://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/ovc/  for additional help and resources

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