Helping You Become A Father Through Adoption

Posted by Patricia on Jun 17th 2018

All parents can attest that raising a child is incredibly expensive, but the actual amount it takes to raise a kid might be more shocking than you expected. According to the US Department of Agricu … read more

Happy Father’s Day Weekend

Posted by Patricia on Jun 15th 2018

Responsible Fatherhood Programs Address Complex Needs of Low-Income Men Children who grow up without fathers are more likely to experience poor outcomes in areas such as social-emotional a … read more

Why Do Some Investigations of Child Abuse Fail?

Posted by Patricia on Jun 14th 2018

Example of a Child Abuse Investigation (Child’s name is changed to protect her identity.) Four-year-old Sarah was taken by her mother to the emergency room of a children’s hospital with bur … read more

A Guide for New Dads

Posted by Patricia on Jun 7th 2018

Information for New Dads Manual for New Dads Children who have engaged fathers are more likely to have positive outcomes than children and youth who do not. These children have greater academic succ … read more