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Provides the faith community and the victim services field with examples of successful collaborations that are making the difference in victim’s lives. These promising practices will hopefully inspire the two communities to reach out to one another to expand the victim service network. This video was produced by the Office for Victims of Crime through Caliber Associates, Office of Justice Programs, and the U.S. Department of Justice with permission by Hope For Children Foundation to distribute on our website, and on Youtube and Vimeo. Hope for Children Foundation is considered by many, as one of the best children’s charities. This video covers the importance faith can have in helping someone who has gone through a traumatic experience. The sense of community and feeling that someone is willing to help can be more than enough to bring a speck of light into a victim’s darkened outlook of life.

Making a difference in the life of victims, through the faith based community

This 30-minute video / movie (NCJ 216616) provides the faith based community and the victim services field with examples of successful partnerships that are making a difference in victims’ lives throughout the Nation. These promising practices are intended to inspire the two communities to collaborate effectively to expand their victim service networks, and enrich lessons of character building. Feel the overwhelmed meaning of the desire to help lighten the burdens of victims and their families.

This video portrays faith based organizations and various programs in various areas of the country in which congregations, laypersons, and religious professionals of various faiths have partnered with governmental and nongovernmental agencies/organizations to meet the multiple needs of crime/accident victims. Many of the teachings within the video help individuals with character building, a very important part of someone’s life, good character is featured and very much necessary when helping victims put their lives back together again.

For each program described, the movie portrays program activities, interspersed with comments by those involved in the partnerships, including representatives of faith based religious groups, public agencies, and victims. One faith based partnership presented focuses on the work of police chaplains, whose activities address not only the needs of police officers involved in stressful events but also with crime/accident victims and their families.

A second program involves the work of tribal religious leaders who work with reservation Indians in Washington State. Their focus is on providing the resources of tribal healing and spiritual traditions to Indian crime victims. A third program, called the Daughters of Abraham, is in Arlington, TX. This group consists of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim women who came together out of the tensions that developed among these faith groups after the 9/11 attacks. Their efforts have expanded to become a support and referral group for women crime victims impacted by domestic violence and rape.

Caseworkers who help with child abuse cases

Other programs profiled are the Helping and Lending Outreach Support program (HALOS) in Charleston, SC, which pairs its members with caseworkers who deal with child abuse; one of many faith based organizations that focuses on work with victims of human trafficking, who are brought to America from other countries and forced to work in commercial sex trades and slave labor enterprises; and the Good Samaritan Program in Mobile, AL, which involves faith based volunteers from local church congregations in meeting the practical needs of crime victims in poor communities, such as repairing damaged property, providing transportation, and offering companionship to elderly victims who live alone.

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