Services provided by Hope For Children Foundation include although are not limited to:

Live seminar training and free online training, focusing on ways of better protecting children from violent crimes. The training encompasses step by step instruction of investigation techniques, state and federal prosecution, accountability, the healing process for victims, and many more topics and resources.

We usually provide our training events free to attendees. Should you, desire to partner with us for an Hope For Children Foundation training event, please contact us for scheduling.


Help the children live a happy life free from abuse.

We Provide Free Online Referral Services

Free online referral services are made to professionals and the general public.

We provide job postings of various public and/or private companies. We also include some government agency job opportunities. It is our intention to help those unemployed, get back to work as soon as possible with a career of their choice. Many understand when parents loose a job, frustration builds. Many times it becomes impossible to buy groceries for the family, pay utilities and even worse be evicted from a loving home, due to lack of funds to pay expenses. We encourage you to help your family, your neighbors, co-workers and others in your community, encouraging safer environments for children and families to grow and prosper in positive surroundings. Please take position actions now.

We Provide Free Children’s Games

We also provide free online games for the family. See our Arcade page. Many children and adults enjoy playing online games. It is our desire to provide enjoyment for family while training families how to better protect children in the home, neighborhood and community.

We Provide Job Opportunities

When one experiences the loss of a job, this alone can be devastating. It is our goal to provide support and assistance in helping the unemployed seek and secure the job of their choice. This is why we provide these job listings on our Website as a free service to those interested.

Other Events

We conduct other types of events to support our organization financially, such as concerts, sporting events, special gatherings at businesses – churches and other opportunities throughout communities.

Please continue to browse through our training and other information. We hope to be adding additional training videos soon.

Thank you again for caring!