990 Tax Returns

990 Tax Returns of Hope For Children Foundation

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990 Tax Returns

The 990 tax returns give financial details concerning income and expenditures of this charity for children. This child foundation conducts activities throughout each year intended to benefit children throughout the United States of America. We depend on you to give cash or in kind for the support our mission. This is one of many children’s charities. Please review each of the 990 Tax Returns to learn more about the integrity of this organization and the devotion to children in America. This organization is an approved IRS 501(c)(3) charity. Hope For Children Foundation began in 1997, and incorporated on April 4, 1998 to prevent cruelty to children.


Hope For Children Foundation will be distributing a Newsletter. We invite you to sign up for the Newsletter by clicking on the Newsletter listed in the Menu bar. Then place your email address with other information requested to register you for our Newsletters. This Newsletter will update you throughout the year with the progress of various activities benefiting children and their families throughout the year.

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Please review the Menu Bar Titles of our Web site for additional information. The information offers you great insight into the free services Hope For Children Foundation offers to First Responders and the general public.

Six Programs Devoted to Helping Children

We have approximately six programs we devote work to each year. The six levels are as follows:

(1) Free seminars and online video training;

(2) Free resources and referrals to victims and survivors of sexual assault and/or domestic violence;

(3) Free resources and referrals to offenders for behavior modification support;

(4) Free online job listings throughout Texas – about 4,500 +; (we desire to offer this service to each state)

(5) Free online arcade and games for children, their families, and you for personal enjoyment;

(6) Fund raising to support the mission of Hope For Children Foundation.


We also invite you to visit the Web site of www.Guidestar.org just copy and paste this site into your browser to find out more information about our organization. We are recognized by Guidestar at their highest level of recognizing a charity, on a Platinum Level.

Thank you for your interest in Hope For Children Foundation. On behalf of the children and their families we serve, we thank you.

Your donation to Hope For Children Foundation is tax deductible. You may become a corporate sponsor. Feel free to mail us your donation to support our mission by mailing your check to our secure post office box.

Please make your check payable to: Hope For Children Foundation

Then mail your check to Hope For Children Foundation, P.O. Box 191028 Dallas, TX 75219

Should you prefer to donate on line, just click on the donate button within this site and follow the instructions.

We and our patrons thank you so very much for caring! I cannot thank you enough!

Most respectfully,

The Board of Directors and National Advisory Board of Hope For Children Foundation

990 Tax Returns