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Donations to Hope For Children Foundation are tax deductible. The EIN Number is 75-2756638. The Hope For Children Foundation is registered and recognized by the IRS as a charitable non-for-profit organization, 501(c)(3) dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to children; through the mission – including but not limited to reducing crimes of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Donate to Hope For Children Foundation

Use of Funds:

Program Services (88.7) % Management Operations (7) % Fund Raising (4.3) %
88.7% = We provide training to First Responders and the General Public to reduce crimes of sexual assault and domestic violence. We also provide victim service referrals. 7% = Administers daily operations. 4,3% = Expenses necessary to raise funds for Program Services and Management Services.

Tax Deductible Donation

Your donation to the Hope For Children Foundation is tax deductible.

Hope For Children Foundation is authorized as a 501(c)3 Public Charity

by the U.S. Treasury Department.

                                                     We gladly accept and appreciate all donations.

Donations may be sent via PayPal, check or money order.

Checks or money orders can be mailed to a high security P.O. Box.

Hope For Children Foundation P.O. Box 191028 Dallas, TX 75219

Your donations and volunteer efforts will make a significant difference in the lives of the innocent.

On behalf of those we serve and our patrons, we sincerely


“I cannot thank you enough”

Protect. Empower. Support.

Empowering Families to Stand Against Violence

In a world where the safety of our children, families, and the elderly is increasingly
threatened by sexual assault and domestic violence, knowledge is your most
powerful shield. Hope for Children Foundation brings you essential training to
safeguard your loved ones and yourself.

Why Hope for Children Foundation?

Expert Guidance: Endorsed by law enforcement professionals, our training has
proven its mettle in real-life scenarios.

Comprehensive Training Videos: Learn how to identify risks, support victims,
and gather critical evidence.

100% Success Rate: Our training methodologies have consistently led to the
successful prosecution of perpetrators.

Your Role in Making a Difference

While we offer our life-changing training for free, your support is vital. A small
donation can spark a big change. Every dollar helps us reach more people, educate
more families, and save more lives.

Testimonials That Speak Volume

"A game-changer in crisis intervention" - A grateful Police Chief "Turning victims
into victorious survivors" - Numerous success stories

Take the First Step

Empower yourself and your community by accessing our training today. Join us in
the mission to create a safer world for our children and families.

Every Contribution Counts

Your generosity fuels our mission. Donate now – every dollar brings hope and
safety to someone in need.

 Your financial gift to this charitable organization is greatly appreciated and helps improve the quality of life for many children. This top children’s charity is considered by many to be one of the best charities located and serving the United States. We are a rated by Guidestar. They have certified our organization with their highest rated Platinum level. We are a children’s charity you can trust, established in 1998. Creating lasting change for children is what we do best with your generous donation.

The United States Trademark Registration Number is: 5,409,810 for the name Hope for Children Foundation. The IRS authorized us as a non-profit organization IRS 501(c)(3). Please do not be tricked by others, unlawfully raising money in our name, without our permission, be careful donating.

Some consider us a child foundation, and/or a hope foundation, seeking to help kids, prevent child abuse and hope to stop child abuse. Various services are offered to the general public at no charge. Free educational courses to help victims and survivors of abuse include video and movie classes about child and adult safety, protection services, emergency response as well as other classes. Some people consider this non profit organization as one of the best children’s charities and child abuse charities in the United States for families. We invite you to volunteer and/or donate to support this charitable organization’s mission.

Our training is valued at over $3,000,000, although it is offered to you, your family and community without charge. Giving to this child abuse organization helps to enhance love throughout families. Our training programs address many topics, but not limited to: child abuse, abuse to adults, sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, human trafficking, elder abuse, and much more.

I can’t thank you enough if you are one of the many who have come forward and spoken out about sexual abuse you experienced. This is a very difficult choice for most people because of the emotions a victim experiences. Many charitable organizations like this 501(c)(3) non profit, have worked many years to help victims of these horrific crimes. We want to thank #MeToo and Time’s Up for your work and support for victims. Every victim such as Simone Biles and the other Olympic gymnastic team members who are abuse survivors are truly our heroes.

Hope for Children Foundation Free Emergency Response Training Programs

We offer more than 25 FREE online training videos and/or movies. Please see Movies or Training menu above.

Hope for Children Foundation also provides valuable referrals for victims and survivors of abuse. Review the menu above for Services, then Victim Services.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (CBT) referrals are available to the general public, #MeToo – Time’s Up participants, and perpetrators of violent crimes. We all must do what we can to help stop these violent crimes from happening. Statistics show long term CBT and training have helped significantly to reduce violent crimes. Helping each other to become ethical, loving, productive and respectable citizens is the right and moral thing to do.

Services and then Services for Offenders are found on the menu.

Hope for Children Foundation Provides Job Listings

Just search the menu under Texas Jobs to help the unemployed find a career of their choice. People who have lost their job end up without funds for food, shelter, and other necessities in life. This situation would cause almost anyone emotional trauma. As human beings we must care for our neighbors and do our best so we all thrive in this lifetime.

Learn how devastating child abuse is in America

Abused victims need all the support possible to recover from trauma experienced by the hands of their abusers. 30% of child abusers have experienced abuse on their own bodies during childhood. Child abusers need help with learning how to break the cycles of violence. Review the free Training Videos, Movies and PSA’s. Access to these are located in the Menu bar above.

Reasons to Support and/or Sponsor Hope for Children Foundation

1. Experience More Pleasure
Sparkle and shine with us today. Research conducted by the National Institutes of Health, revealed participants who chose to donate a portion of $100 they were provided enjoyed activated pleasure centers in the brain. Although this experiment was controlled and scientific, it did show donating money simply makes one feel better, which is something we can all benefit from. We invite you to donate now, join us as we are building great partnerships. Our charities for children are lifting up programs that work to help children and families. Help make dreams come true for kids. Together we will make a difference in the lives of children now. So together let us get the job done fast with your trusted financial gift, and watch children sparkle and shine.

2. Help Others in Need
We don’t live in a perfect world, and there’s never going to be a perfect time to give—but there are always people out there in need of help. Whether interest rates are rising, the economy is in the doldrums, or even if you’re experiencing financial difficulties of your own, the reality is that when you donate your money, you help others who need it. What are you waiting for to support a child in need today? We do not monkey around about offering children better protection in America. You, your family, friends and colleagues receive special savings, so try thousands of free services offered on our website. Navigate through a wealth of information. The information contained on our Website is a gift to you today. It is the official site of Hope for Children Foundation, AKA Hope for Children, intended to empower families and help children. Help build a better tomorrow. Enjoy thrilling charity events for kids. Please join this movement now. Your small donation can help this child foundation.

3. Get a Tax Deduction
When you give to Hope For Children Foundation, an IRS-approved 501c3 charity, EIN 75-2756638, you can write off donations on your tax return, and receive a tax deductible donation receipt. Certain restrictions do apply, though. Just check us out on the IRS website. Donating your cash as you write us a check or donate online, is a great way to reduce the amount of money you send off to Uncle Sam, and for a good cause, to boot. In addition, you may donate to honor the memory of someone you loved and lost through a Memorial Donation. Just let us know and we will send you a certificate along with a tax deductible receipt, honoring your loved you. We will be adding a small sample of the Certificate on this site. The size of the certificate will be approximately 8″ x 10″. We can customize your certificate for donating, upon written request.

4. Bring More Meaning to Your Life
When you donate money or resources to Hope for Children Foundation Charity, you create opportunities to meet new people who believe in the same or similar causes that inspire you. That, and making a real impact on our mission, can infuse your everyday life with more meaning. If you’ve been stuck in a rut, whether personally or professionally, sometimes the simple act of donating cash and/or resources can do the trick and reinvigorate your life. Make your life uniquely yours, we promise to produce results. We are the perfect fit for you, should you love children and desire to provide better care for them. It is very important to remember we also provide special savings with our free training and other services. All of our services are free. We have a wealth of information as our gift to you. So, now become a major part of America’s Children Dream Team, a great leadership team.

5. Promote Generosity in Your Children
When your kids see you donating money, they’re much more likely to adopt a giving mindset as they grow up. I write from personal experience. I’ve donated money to a variety of charities over the years and have always made sure to inform my children of my efforts. Join us today, together be a kid’s dream team. I am overwhelmed with happiness to think you will be helping children, and your children will be helping other kids. Creating children charity event ideas will come naturally with you, your children and our staff for the benefit of children. We hope you and your family will join us for us next non profit event. You are invited to Hope for Children Foundation charity events.

6. Motivate Friends and Family
When you let your friends and family know of your charitable donations, they may find themselves more motivated to undertake their own efforts to give. It takes a village to address issues such as child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, poverty, scientific advancement, and early childhood education. Stoking passions in the folks around you is a very positive and tangible effect of your own giving to Hope for Children Foundation. Please take this bit of encouragement to support a child.

7. Realize that Every Little Bit Helps
You don’t need $10,000 to make a difference in someone’s life by supporting the mission of Hope for Children Foundation. A small investment can help prevent child abuse to a child, help victims in various ways, get an offender to stop abusing children and even help improve education in schools. Don’t just think of your cash donation from an American economic perspective. Often that money can go a lot further than you can imagine right here in your own back yard to those in need. You may want to get involved in our non profit events. So please understand, you become a hero to thousands, on your terms and timeline when you give a small or large donation. Please visit our Website, get involved today and give generously now. Yes, you can! Please get on board, shine and sparkle while celebrating lives of children and families.

8. Improve Personal Money Management
If you set a scheduled $100 donation each month for Hope for Children Foundation, that can motivate you to be more attentive to your own finances in an effort to ensure you don’t default or fall behind in your monthly donations. Anything that gets you to pay closer attention to your bank account is a good thing—especially when it helps those in need.

9. Give, If You Can’t Volunteer
This might not necessarily be a positive effect of charitable giving, but if you’re too busy to volunteer or otherwise donate your time, giving money is the perfect action to implement. Know and think you can improve someone’s life or the world itself if your personal or professional schedule won’t allow the time. Writing out a check is a simple way to show you’re willing to help others in any way you can. We hope you experience overwhelming happiness as you write your check to support children through your generous donation now. Help us with your creative charity ideas, like for our non profit fundraising events just let us know. Hope for Children Foundation thanks you very much.

10. Overwhelmed Meaning of Names
Hope for Children Foundation, a 501c3 children’s charity, was named in honor of Mr. & Mrs. James W. Hope. They are my loving parents. I am the Co-Founder of this children’s charity. I am one of seven children. Our parents loved all of us very much with continued devotion and commitment. The family name history of Hope, goes back in time to the country of Denmark, where my father’s ancestors lived. The children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of my parents, Mr. & Mrs. James W. Hope, share an emotional, overwhelmed meaning, with very deep feelings when remembering the sweet love given to them in their childhood.

Show children you really care by donating to Hope For Children Foundation!

I cannot thank you enough! I am overwhelmed with happiness to realize you care so very much to support children. Thank you for your gift.

Respectfully and Sincerely,

Patricia L. Hope Kirby
Co-Founder and Member of the Board of Directors
Hope For Children Foundation

Thank You!

We especially want to give a special thank you to: Google, Inc. and their employees and staff, Yardi Systems, Inc., Hampton Inn and Suites and their employees and staff, Hilton Hotels and their employees and staff, Holiday Inn and their employees and staff, Hyatt Hotels and their employees and staff, Marriott Hotels and their employees and staff, John Cone and his employees and staff, Sam’s Club and their employees and staff, Walmart and their employees and staff, and many other patrons who have stood strong for children, families and other adults. On behalf of the children, teenagers, young adults, families and other adults we serve, thank you so very much! You really care!

We also want to show our appreciation, compassion and love, to victims of sexual assault and/or domestic violence. It is not easy to speak publicly about the horrendous crimes perpetrated upon you and your body. When you do speak up, you help yourself and the many other victims who find difficulty in speaking up.

We cannot forget the many other individuals, entities, first responders and other organizations who have been speaking up for generations to help victims of such horrific crimes. Thank you so much for paving the way for today’s generation to take steps toward protection and freedom from sexual assault and/or domestic violence.

Protecting Teenagers, Children, Young and Older Adults



We cannot thank you enough!

Patricia Kirby and all of the Board of Director members of Hope for Children Foundation