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Patricia L. Hope Kirby, Executive Director

Management is Implemented By:

Patricia L. Hope Kirby

Executive Director

Management is implemented by Patricia Kirby. She is a member of the Board of Directors and believes with all of her heart that children should be loved and not abused. She began her career with Hope For Children Foundation as Executive Director, Co-Founder, and President Emeritus, in Dallas Texas on April 2, 1998. Hope is a family name. Hope For Children Foundation was named in honor of Patricia’s parents Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hope. April 2, is her dear Mother’s birthday. Therefore, incorporation of the organization was planned around that date, and the documents were filed. We have added momentum over the years.


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The Board of Directors Believe


This work is important for the safety of our nation’s children and families. The FBI reported 97% percent of abused children reported to the legal system are not protected by the legal system. Research conducted by Hope For Children Foundation found many gaps in the legal system which prevent an overwhelming number of abused children from receiving protection from abuse and their reported abusers. These negligent actions must stop for the future and safety of our nation’s children. Please show us you really care by supporting Hope For Children Foundation.


Hope For Children Foundation An Acknowledged Leader

Leader in the fight against child abuse throughout the United States and abroad. We are recognized as a non-profit Public Charity by the IRS, approved by the United States Department of the Treasury, and have been since 1998. Hope For Children Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 75-2756638, receiving contributions from the general public and other entities. Gifts made to Hope For Children Foundation are tax deductible. You may donate on line through our Web site or mail donations to: Hope For Children Foundation, P.O. Box 191028 Dallas, TX 75219

Other entities are collecting money from the general public by unlawfully using our name, Hope For Children Foundation. We built a great name as Hope For Children Foundation since 1997, incorporating on April 2, 1998, naming the organization in honor of my parents, Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hope. Other entities are unlawfully using our name, and representing this to the general public, further collecting money in our name without our permission; and further criminally keeping the money.

We Filed for Our Trademark Name and Mark

Hope for Children Foundation Trademark Registration Number 5,409,810

We can prove we have continuously been in business in the United States of America operating as Hope For Children Foundation since April 2, 1998, long before anyone else has continuously operated with our name. Please review the facts by going to the United States Patent and Trademark Office Website for the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, Proceeding #92058111. The ESTTA Tracking number is ESTTA704309. The Serial Number of the Trademark, Hope For Children Foundation is 85673965. The Trademark Registration Number is: 5,409,810.

We Request Your Assistance

It takes this nation to help protect our nation’s children, we can not do it alone. We need your help. Thank you so very much!

Our nation’s children need you now and so do we. We can achieve protection for these children with your help and support!

Thank you very much!

Management – Patricia Kirby

and the Hope for Children Foundation Board of Director Members