Real Courtroom Experts

Real Courtroom Experts vs. Can Their Opinion Be Wrong?

Presenter, Douglas Crowder, MD, President & Co-Founder of HFCF, Dallas, Texas

J.Douglas Crowder M.D.

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Can Real Experts Be Wrong?

Presenter, Douglas Crowder, MD, President & Co-Founder of Hope for Children Foundation, Dallas, Texas, USA

“Real Experts” 

I. Real Experts Introduction

Who Should I Listen To?

II. Varieties of Mental Health Experts

A. Psychologists

B. Psychiatrists

C. Social Workers

D. Marriage and Family Counselors

E. Licensed Professional Counselors

F. Schools of Thought-Formal and Informal

III. Experts and the Daubert/Robinson Rule

A. Diagnosis and the DSM-IV

B. Art vs. Science and Rates of Error

C. Psychological Testing

D. General Acceptance

E. Consistency with Published Literature

F. What is Pseudoscience?

G. Systemic Solutions for Problems of Individual Incompetence

H. Hiding Discovery in Daubert Hearings

I. Is the Reproducibility Criterion Realistically Applicable to Mental Health or Other Issues?

J. The Prospects: Chipping Away Without Exclusion and Gradual Criteria Broadening?

IV. The Myth of the Objective Expert

A. Sources of Bias

1. Personal

2. Disciplinary

3. Politically Correct Stances in Professional Organizations

4. Pascal’s Wager

5. The Pull of Adversarial Polarities

6. Monetary Bias

7. Selective Information Availability


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