Testimonials Former Presidents William Jefferson Clinton & George W. Bush

Helped Protect Children, Women And Other Innocent Victims in 2000 and 2001 by Supporting Hope For Children Foundation’s First Texas Statewide Education Initiative.
President William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd president of the United States from 1993 to 2001.

Testimonial “This … Meeting Provides a Great Opportunity for Judges

Law enforcement, prosecutors, medical professionals and community agency leaders to learn more about effectively protecting citizens during times of crisis.” ”I commend the conference attendees and the Foundation for working to improve the safety and well-being of crime victims, and for pursuing justice against their abusers.”
Testimonial President George W. Bush when he was the Governor of Texas

Other Important Testimonials

“I am a victim of abuse, and a very close family member of mine is too. This conference helped me to realize that some law enforcement officer admit that they do not know how to act when they are dealing with abuse of women. You were able to put together an excellent list of instructors. I feel that it really helped the officers to hear the representative from the women’s shelter speak on victims and their emotions. It was so good to see the law enforcement come together to try to help women in abusive situations. I hope that you can come again to this area to do more training.”
Testimonial Mary, Abuse Victim and Survivor

“Your message is important for today’s peace officers and everyone within the criminal justice field… Officers completing the course of instruction may receive sixteen hours of TCLEOSE continuing education credit… You may continue to use this material three years.”
Testimonial Dennis R. Graffious, Program Administrator, Texas Commission On Law Enforcement

“ I had occasion to attend a Conference recently and received many materials that I feel can serve as a great resource for agencies or individuals serving others that are victims of domestic violence. The organizers of the event were gracious enough to provide me with an extra set of material so that I could provide these to your organization. I forward these to you today in hopes that these additional tools will allow your staff and volunteers to better serve those that reach out to you for help. I spoke to the Executive Director, Patricia Kirby, and she enthusiastically expressed her willingness to provide help to any Tarrant County group.”
Testimonial Gerald R. Smith, JD/MPA Director, Tarrant County, Texas Department. of Human Services

“The two-day training conference for criminal justice practitioners which your organization put on in Tyler last year was very well-received, and one participant commented after the conference that he was now better equipped to do his job investigating domestic violence incidents. I understand from talking with my colleagues in other parts of the State that your training has been of great benefit to their participants as well. Problems associated with family violence… continue to increase I the East Texas area. I hope you can return to East Texas this year to put on another training conference, and I will look forward to working with you any way possible to ensure its success.”
Testimonial Gary Price, Director, Criminal Justice and Public Safety, East Texas Council of Governments

“The seminar was not only informative, but also wonderful in providing a wealth of written material. I appreciate your organization’s efforts to cull the various resources that are available and to present them at this seminar. In fact, I am sharing much of this information with my colleagues presently. Once you have finalized the date and topics of your Spring seminar, please forward the same to my attention and I will share this information with other attorneys.”
Testimonial Attorney Hala L. Carey, Vial, Hamilton, Koch & Know, LLP

“I wanted to take an opportunity to say how inspired I am with the conference I recently attended and with your dedication. I have been a clinical psychologist, social worker, residential therapist and now work for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a Sex Offender Parole Officer. I have attended numerous training conferences and conventions, but this one, by far, was… the most organized, the most informative and having the best of speakers. I applaud you, your staff and the, too numerous to mention, contributors…”
Maxi Taylor Weaver, Parole Officer, Texas Department of Criminal Justice

“Angelina College recently hosted a training seminar presented by your Foundation…Many in attendance were police officers, who are many times the first individuals to respond to an incident of this type and witness first hand the sorrow and despair caused by this type of violence. Often law enforcement personnel have limited knowledge of the vast resources available to them for referral purposes. Your staff of dedicated individuals and guest speakers offered professional and timely information as to the sometimes not so obvious signs of family violence. Also included were resources for mental, legal, medical and educational centers involved with crimes against women. Professionals in law enforcement, social workers, family counselors and educators should regularly attend updated sessions. The Police Academy at Angelina College offers its assistance, to you and your foundation, in hosting these training seminars in the future.”
R.E. Christiansen, Director, Angelina College Police Academy

“Patricia Kirby and her assistant Lisa were fantastic hostesses and put a lot of hard work into providing a high quality conference. …the conference was a big success. The caliber of instructors was outstanding… The agenda was well planned and addressed pertinent issues. There were a wide variety of professional in attendance at the conference and the participation was wonderful. During breaks and lunch, I witnessed a lot of beneficial networking among attendees, instructors, and sponsors. The handout materials provided were also very helpful and appreciated.”
Beth Stokes, Criminal Justice Director, Central Texas Council of Governments