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FBI Reported 97% Percent of Child Abuse Victims are Not Protected!


Join me in celebrating being a child growing up in America; and for right now…free from child abuse!

Hope for Children Foundation believes the worst nightmare for loving parents is a brutal reality for many of our children: In our country, in our world – and sadly: In our presence! We are Hope for Children Foundation, a children’s charity, one of many excellent charities for children. We are authorized under the United States Internal Revenue Service as an IRS 501(c)(3). Some consider us a child foundation. We intend to help prevent child abuse and hope to stop child abuse by offering help to victims and survivors of abuse and through other services we offer the general public free of charge. Hope for Children Foundation provides many services for FREE! Our training is valued at over $3,000,000 + and we offer it to you and your family, FREE! Our training includes many topics but not limited to: child abuse and abuse to adults, sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, human trafficking, elder abuse and much more.

Over 25 FREE online training videos: Please see menu above for Training and then Training Videos.

Hope for Children Foundation also provides valuable referrals for victims and survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, human trafficking and other offenses. Please see menu above for Services, then victim services.

Behavior modification therapy referrals are available to the general public and perpetrators of violent crimes. We all must do what we can to help stop these violent crimes from happening. Statistics show, long term behavior modification therapy and training have helped significantly to reduce violent crimes which were not repeated by some perpetrators. We must help each other to become non-violent, productive and respectable citizens. Please see menu above for Services and then services for offenders.

We provide job listings under Texas Jobs to help the unemployed secure a career of their choice. Unfortunately, some of those who lose their job, end up without funds for food, shelter, and other necessities in life. This situation could cause most anyone emotional trauma. As human beings we should care about our fellow neighbors and do our best so we all thrive in this lifetime. Please see menu above for Texas Jobs.

Please click on the video below to learn how devastating child abuse is in America.

Abused children need all the support possible to recover from trauma experienced by the hands of their abusers. 30% of child abusers have experienced abuse on their own bodies during childhood. Child abusers need help with learning how to break the cycles of violence.

Hope for Children Foundation, an Acknowledged Leader in America, intending to reduce cruelty and violence against children, adults and you. 

FBI Report – Effects of child abuse are devastating to children. About 97% percent of abused children reported to the legal system are not protected by the legal system. This fact was calculated from input received by the FBI from law enforcement agencies within each state throughout the United States. Hope for Children Foundation spot checked this statistic and unfortunately, this national average is correct. What will you do within your family to help stop child abuse?

Hopefully child abuse does not exist in your family, although what if child abuse does exist in your family? You can get help to stop it. Yes, we want to help you and your family to live an abuse free life. It is possible. It takes work and commitment, and with the right help, it is possible. This children’s charity provides free online training intending to help you and your family achieve living an abuse free life, prevent child abuse and stop child abuse in your family.

Hope for Children Foundation uses the power of the Internet, via our Web site https://hopeforchildrenfoundation.org/ to enable a local, national and global presence. We extend an invitation to you, join us please and our mission to help prevent child abuse. Start by accessing our free online training to help stop child abuse. Learn about true love, kindness, respect, and a call to justice for precious innocent children, while building character within your daily actions. Implement what you learn into action by reducing child abuse. Support our social media and share with your family and friends. Let them know we are one of many great charities for children. We do not charge for this training, it is our gift to you, your family, and friends. Should you feel you have received a benefit from the training and have a few extra dollars to help continue our mission, then please donate by clicking on our donate button on this site, or mail a check to the address listed within this article.

Child abuse includes but is not limited to:
All violence against children, bullying, domestic violence, child neglect, physical abuse of children, strangulation, starvation, indecency with a child, sexual assault, incest, rape victims and murder. Child abuse statistics show most children are sexually and/or physically abused by people they know and trust. Hope for Children Foundation encourages you, your family and friends to educate yourself about these issues by reviewing the FREE video training available through our Youtube, HopeForChildrenFndTX Channel or Click on Training on this Web site https://hopeforchildrenfoundation.org/ Learn how to report child abuse and perhaps help save the lives of your children.

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Providing state-of-the-art training intending to reduce violent crimes against children.

Hope for Children Foundation is an acknowledged leader in America involved with the fight against child abuse in the United States and abroad. Children are very vulnerable and need the nation’s help, especially since child abuse is everyone’s business! We encourage families to take steps and learn how to reduce violent crimes within their own family. It just takes one brave person in a family to begin reducing violence in the home. Please be the voice in your family to help your family members. Remember violence is a learned behavior. Non-violence is also a learned behavior. We all must value the relationships within our own families. Please start now and allow Hope for Children Foundation to help you and your family. We are one of many children’s charities, although our services are unique. Our training is free, should you find you or your family have gained value from our online training, please donate to further our mission. Just click on our donate button and follow instructions, no matter how small or large the amount of your donation, it all adds up. You may also mail a check to our secure P.O. Box at Hope for Children Foundation, P.O. Box 191028  Dallas, Texas  75219

Helping children is the goal of Hope for Children Foundation. We are here to provide guidance, support, suggestions, answers and education, helping to find the right path of action for protecting your child and yourself from abusers.
Full awareness of the immediate needs of crime victims will allow first responders including state and federal law enforcement officers, judges and court personnel to make qualified decisions from the start. Then followed by the “right actions” hopefully will bring about better protection for victims.

The state and federal law enforcement training is available through our FREE video training to better protect children and other citizens. We feel it is important to train the general public with some of the training we provide to officers. Many abusers and their attorneys already know much of this information. It is time for victims, their families, neighbors and the general public to receive this knowledge. United we can take steps to help stop child abuse! We also provide training on The Violence Against Women Act. These federal laws provide excellent protection for children, women, and men. It is the goal of Hope for Children Foundation to prevent cruelty to children. We provide free seminars and online video training to the general public, and to professionals who are charged with protecting children and adults against sexual assault and domestic violence. Trainees have received the education courses well. 

A message from this Co-Founder:

Many children in America are suffering. It is extremely important for each citizen and family to understand state and federal laws concerning child abuse. Then a person will know their rights and the rights of the child, should you ever find yourself in a court room attempting to protect a child from abuse.  Taking these steps are the right actions toward protecting your children and other children in your neighborhood and community. Most of these issues can be made into success stories with just a little proper training. My goal in life is to provide that training through this child help foundation. We join with many other child abuse organizations and child abuse charities to protect children.

In addition:

Other entities are collecting money from the general public by using our name, Hope for Children Foundation without our permission. We built a good name, Hope For Children Foundation, as an acknowledged leader fighting against child abuse. We have filed for our Trademark name and can prove we have continuously been in business in the United States of America operating as Hope for Children Foundation, since April 2, 1998, long before anyone else has continuously operated with our name. Please review the facts by going to the United States Patent and Trademark Office Website ttabvue.uspto.gov for the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, Proceeding #92058111. The ESTTA Tracking number is ESTTA704309. The Serial Number of the Trademark request for our name, Hope for Children Foundation is 85673965. Then you too, will know the facts.It takes this nation to help protect our nation’s children, we can not do it alone. We need your help!


Please join Hope for Children Foundation in our call to love, kindness and justice for children, better protecting the lives of our nation’s young children. Start this process by accessing the free online training available through this site, Training, Training Videos, and our YouTube Channel HopeForChildrenFndTX, along with other social media, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Blog by clicking on the Links and/or Click Community – then click on Blog to submit your comments.”Donations are appreciated to help continue the mission of Hope for Children Foundation.  We are listed with Guidestar as one of the top charities within the United States of America and abroad. They have certified our organization with their highest Platinum level.You may also help us by selecting our organization to receive a small donation through Amazon Smile when you purchase something through Amazon.com. Their program is called AmazonSmile. Just select our IRS 501(c)(3) EIN authorized number 75-2756638 when you select the charity of your choice.

We use PayPay, a secured line to protect your privacy. We also accept checks should you want to mail us your generous donation. On behalf of the children we serve, we thank you.

We are grateful for your donation, no matter how small or large it may be. Thank you!

Most Respectfully,

Patricia L. Hope Kirby
Executive Director
Hope For Children Foundation


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