Introduction Video of the Hope for Children Foundation Training


Introduction of the Hope For Children Foundation Training Conference

Hope For Children Foundation First Texas Statewide Training Evaluation Summary

Hope For Children Foundation
First Texas Statewide Training Evaluation Summary
The training was well received across the state. The goals of Hope For Children
Foundation were achieved. Hope For Children Foundation enjoyed working with state
and federal law enforcement officers, prosecutors, attorneys, community agencies,
judges, faith based entities, medical professionals and other leaders throughout the State
of Texas.

Training Attendees

Attendees at the training developed by Hope For Children Foundation overwhelmingly
praised the training content and its overall value.


No presentation can be well received especially when controversial issues such as child abuse are involved. The
survey result from the training evaluation results speak for themselves. (74.47% percent of
our students agreed or strongly agreed with positive evaluation descriptors of the course,
15.74% percent were undecided, 7.50% percent disagreed and the remaining 2.29%
percent of the evaluations were not filled out.)

Media Response

Various newspaper and television media during different training conferences in Texas
interviewed the training attendees. The attendees included: Medical Professionals,
Judges, District Attorneys, Law Enforcement Officers, Rape Crisis Center employees,
Family Shelter employees, Probation Officers, and other community leaders. Hope For
Children Foundation employees heard all of the television broadcasts in each community
as well as read write-ups in the print media. The majority of media coverage praised the work,
mission and accomplishments of Hope For Children Foundation across the State of

The thank the numerous child advocates, leaders, volunteers and concerning citizens who made this training possible for the benefit of all children. It is our goal to continue doing the best we can for the protection of children and their families.

Please call 911 should you know of a child being abused. It is the right thing to do. Thank you for standing strong for children and for the future of families.

I can’t thank you enough.

Hope For Children Foundation Board Of Directors.