Honesty Relationships Love

Posted by Patricia on Jun 14th 2019

Honesty Relationships and Love Have you ever been hurt in a relationship when the truth was distorted, and you became aware of the lies told to you by someone you thought you could trust? Almost … read more

Victorious Valentine’s Celebration

Posted by Patricia on Feb 8th 2019

Victorious Valentine’s Celebration over Samsung’s Use of Hope for Children – Cancelled by United States Patent and Trademark Office, Trademark Trial and Appeal Board … read more

Helping Victims of Crime

Posted by Patricia on Jul 30th 2018

Victims of crime vitimized during childhood, are particularly vulnerable. Children and adults who are the victims of crime frequently suffer from chronic psychological symptoms as a result of the … read more

Set in Motion April 1998

Posted by Patricia on Jan 27th 2016

Set in Motion April 1998 Hope For Children Foundation was set in motion April 1998, on the second day of the month. This was part of a birthday celebration of Fannie Louise Hope, the w … read more