Cyberbullying Through Technology

Posted by Patricia on Jun 26th 2018

Most of the following information was provided with materials on the Website of the FBI. Please go to their site for additional information. Cyberbullying happens when kids bully each … read more

Lift Up Families in Florida

Posted by Patricia on Mar 5th 2018

The children and families in Florida are lifted up by Hope For Children Foundation. No amount of words can comfort the family of those who lost children or other loved ones in the Florida school sho … read more

Give Support to Alabama

Posted by Patricia on Feb 8th 2018

Hope For Children Foundation supports Alabama. The board of directors believe finding support for those affected by abuse is necessary. Here is information where victims and/or their families of al … read more

Aircraft Carrier Metaphor

Posted by Patricia on Feb 7th 2018

I would like to suggest a metaphor for Hope For Children Foundation. This metaphor is aircraft carrier. An aircraft carrier engages in preparing others to protect what is most sacred to them. Aircr … read more