David VS Goliath

Posted by Patricia on Apr 5th 2019

DAVID VS GOLIATH A heroic story resulting in victory. This is about an extraordinary SMU Alumni, Attorney John Cone. Sharing a story of hope during this month of April, National Child Abuse Awa … read more

Google Cares

Posted by Patricia on Mar 9th 2019

Google Tries To Help Kids & Families In the midst of an American national crisis concerning protecting children, Google tries to help kids and families by advertising free online movie training, … read more

False Assumption

Posted by Patricia on Nov 11th 2018

False Assumption Made By Many Across the globe, child sex trafficking is a $99 billion enterprise, making it the second largest illegal trade. Illegal Drug trade is the number one largest. … read more

Accountability Key

Posted by Patricia on Oct 4th 2018

Accountability is the Key Together With Education to Help Stop Child Abuse The fact children are adversely impacted by domestic violence is now well documented and intellectual … read more