Good News

Posted by Patricia on Sep 24th 2019

Good News is what Hope for Children Foundation delivers to you today!Do You Know? Hope for Children Foundation offer free seminars and free online training videos for parents, care givers, police … read more

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Posted by Patricia on Jan 2nd 2019

Christmas can truly be the most wonderful time of the year. We celebrated the birth of Christ on the 25th of December. Most Wonderful Christmas These children are having a wonderful ti … read more

Free Emergency Response Training

Posted by Patricia on Sep 19th 2018

Free Emergency Response Hope for Children Foundation Free Emergency Response Training Programs We offer more than 25 FREE online training videos and/or movies. … read more

Trauma Impacted Development in Early Life

Posted by Patricia on Jun 4th 2018

Trauma Impacted Development in Early Life, Potential Corrective Interventions Children age 2 and under are particularly vulnerable to child abuse and neglect and account for over one-fourth of all su … read more