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We cannot thank you enough for your kindness and support.


A Newsletter is a great way to write, communicate, share, socialize, stay in touch, share interests, and email our patrons and you. Education is a great way to improve ourselves and grow. Social Media is one source in which we can connect and continue learning. Hope For Children Foundation is here to help you learn and take steps to better protect yourself against crimes of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Loving One Another

Loving one another is a special way all of us can get involved and hopefully become happier individuals. We invite you to participate and be a part of our Newsletter. We would like to publish a love letter from you to your parent or parents. The love letter could contain a variety of things. You could include a drawing of something, color something, really, just use your creativity to express your love to your parents. Or if you like, send us a love letter from a parent to a child and we could include that love letter also. The staff of Hope For Children Foundation will have to approve the love letter before it could be included or published in one of our Newsletters.

Google Creative Ideas

You know you could Google creative ideas should you want to when preparing your love letter. I have seen many really adorable ideas and cards on the Internet. Simple love letters are beautiful when the words come from the heart. Writing the love letter hopefully will be a great experience for you. We want to do our best in supporting children and families. Thank you so very much for reading this and we hope to see your love letter in our email box soon. Just send your love letter to:

I cannot thank you enough!

Patricia Kirby

Executive Director