Video Training Funded Through U.S. Department of Justice

Video Training Funded Through U. S. Department of Justice

USDOJ OVC Training Videos on preventing abuse and violence

This page contains training videos for state and federal law enforcement officers, victim response teams, prosecutors, judges, medical professionals, adult and juvenile probation officers, attorneys, educators, clergy, our patrons, and the general public. (Children, teenagers, women, and men.)

critical issues for sexual abuse victims
DNA: Critical Issues
faith and community response to abuse victims
Faith Based Responses to Crime Victims
 first responders for sexual assault
First Response to Victims of Crime
responding to humman trafficking cases
Responding to Victims of Human Trafficking
victims of abuse and crime
Listen To My Story – Victims of Crime
responding to elder abuse
Responding to Elder Abuse
substance abuse and crime
Substance Abuse and Victimization
SART for victims
SART – Sexual Assault Response Team
listen and learn about victim stories
Victim Impact: Listen and Learn
victims with disabilities
Victims with Disabilities