Victims of Crime

Posted by Moderator on Oct 3rd 2012

Victims of crime appreciate help unfortunately, they are individuals who have been victimized by a crime. When vitimized while experiencing childhood, they are particularly vulnerable. Children and adults who are the victims of crime frequently suffer from chronic psychological symptoms as a result of their experiences.

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Let Us All Embrace Survivors With Love

Individuals who have been victimized in childhood are particularly vulnerable to severe, chronic and sometimes debilitating psychological symptoms that interfere with their ability to function in various areas of their lives. Victims of crime appreciate help from most everyone who shows them they really care. Victims can learn to be survivors with much help over time.

Victims of Crime Appreciate Help

Isolation is common but can be destructive in one’s life. To avoid additional conflict, one may simply withdraw; the reluctance to socialize outside his/her profession contributes to isolation. Coupled with violence against a child or an intimate partner, the isolation encouraged by some serves to promote abuse within families by keeping the problem “in the closet.” Victims of crime learn the coping mechanisms of denial, minimization, and suppression of feelings. In order to function in crises or emotionally overwhelming situations, they will embrace feelings of fear, anger, rage, and revulsion ultimately controlling their emotions, often denying the very existence of any failure at all.

From Victim to Survivor

Surviving Abuse! Victims of Crime Appreciate Help.As soon as it is physically and emotionally possible, it is very important that a victim reach out to others who are hurting and offer help. If it is too difficult to help those victims that deal with similar circumstances, then seek out some way of helping others through a hospital, church or organization where needs can be met. It is only right to help others when we can. Victims who choose to help others have often found their own healing process progressing more quickly. Victims should remove themselves from isolation as soon as possible.

Taking up a new hobby, such as artwork, painting, playing an instrument, learning to sing, playing a sport, or even learning how to play an online game can be helpful toward healing and healthy mental health.

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