Expressing Love

Posted by Aida Rojas on Feb 3rd 2020

Expressing Your Love and Affection

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. We ask for your financial gift of love, expressed generously by donating to Hope for Children Foundation. Your donation will make a big difference in the lives of so many children across America.”

Expressing Care and Love

Valentine’s Day represents a time to really show those you love how deeply you care for them. This time is so much more than just flowers or giving chocolates. It’s a time to reflect and appreciate the ones you love in life, and more importantly to thank them for being next to you through the thick and the thin, ups and downs of life. This could be your spouse, significant other, best friend, a family member, neighbor, school, church or work colleague.

Sometimes the tough part about Valentine’s Day is picking out the right gift. The gift does not have to be something expensive, some of the most meaningful gifts can behand-made. When you wonder about the right gift to give, let’s turn to the philosophy that your gift should reflect the person who is receiving the gift. There is a gift that suits pretty much everyone. For those who like to live life to the fullest, a gift of an experience, such as a spa retreat, a fun cooking class, an art class, or even off the beaten path tour of the countryside, rather than a traditional gift, is a winner. And if the person you’re gifting is true to the Valentine’s Day tradition; a beautiful floral bouquet and/or chocolate can do no harm.

Allow us to share a loving heartfelt time with those we love at the Hope for Children Foundation Gala just one and a half months ago. 

This video helps one understand how to become more involved with the magic of loving and celebrating the precious lives of children and families across the United States. You are invited to join the celebration!”

We hope this helps you get started with your Valentine’s Day plans. Hope for Children Foundation sincerely hopes you have a loving and memorable time with your loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day! On behalf of the children and adults served by ‘Hope for Children Foundation’s’ board of directors, staff, volunteers and supporters, a huge THANK YOU is extended to you for your possible new commitment, ongoing support and involvement. Thank you for helping vulnerable, innocent, and precious children! All children deserve to be loved, nurtured, and cared for daily!

Every year more than 3.6 million referrals are made to child protection agencies involving more than 6.6 million children in the United States. Together, with your support, child abuse issues can be brought to the attention of tens of thousands more stakeholders who have the capacity to work together toward protecting all children in this nation.

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