Ransomware Report by FBI

Posted by Patricia on Jun 25th 2018

Ransomware Report by FBI is offered to you due to many people experiencing this unfortunate act of crime. Most of this information was provided from the FBI Website, www.fbi.gov

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Victims of Crime


Ransomware is a form of malware targeting both human and technical weaknesses in an effort to make critical data and/or systems inaccessible. Ransomware is delivered through various vectors, including Remote Desktop Protocol, which allows computers to connect to each other across a network, and phishing.

Spear Phishing

In one scenario, spear phishing emails are sent to end users resulting in the rapid encryption of sensitive files on a corporate network. When the victim organization determines they are no longer able to access their data, the cyber actor demands the payment of a ransom, typically in virtual currency such as Bitcoin. The actor will purportedly provide an avenue to the victim to regain access to their data once the ransom is paid.

Paying a Ransom

Recent iterations target specific organizations and their employees, making awareness and training a critical preventative measure.
The FBI does not support paying a ransom to the adversary. Paying a ransom does not guarantee an organization will regain access to their data; in fact, some individuals or organizations were never provided with decryption keys after having paid a ransom. Paying a ransom emboldens the adversary to target other organizations for profit, and provides for a lucrative environment for other criminals to become involved. While the FBI does not support paying a ransom, there is an understanding that when businesses are faced with an inability to function, executives will evaluate all options to protect their shareholders, employees, and customers.

FBI Field Office

In all cases the FBI encourages organizations to contact a local FBI field office immediately to report a ransomware event and request assistance.
In 2017, the IC3 received 1,783 complaints identified as ransomware with adjusted losses of over $2.3 million.


Those people who abuse children try to cause harm to our Website. Hope for Children Foundation has experienced many threats from those who want to destroy our Website just because we try our best to protect children from abuse. Please do everything you possibly can to help the FBI rid our society of those who victimize others. You may do this by reporting all crimes to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Contact IC3

Please contact IC3 should you want to submit a complaint concerning any Cyber crime including but not limited to Ransomware.

Thank you for reading this and please act immediately to seek help in all areas should you fall victim to any crime.

Hope for Children Foundation aka Hope for Children

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