Texas Family Violence

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Texas Family Violence

Texas Family Violence – Uniform Crime Report for 2010

We do not have access to the 2011 figures to date.

Victim/offender Relationships

The largest percentage of Texas Family Violence Reported was between other family members. The second most commonly reported relationship among offenders and victims was married spouses and the third most common relationship was common law spouses.

These are the hard, sad, true facts about living in Texas.

Family Violence 2010

Number of Incidents 193,505

Number of Victims 211,769

Number of Offenders 207,474

Officer assaults

A serious problem inherent to police intervention and investigation of family violence incidents is the potential for law officers to be assaulted. In 2010, during the course of responding to family violence incidents, 358 Texas law officers were assaulted. By contrast, listed 4,424 assaults on law officers during all types of police activity.

Sexual assault in Texas Reported:

Uniform Crime Report for 2010

In response to a growing concern about Sexual Assault incidents, the 80th Texas Legislative Session passed HB 76. The Bill requires the Texas DPS to establish guidelines and collect, as part of the UCR Program, data about incidents that contain specific sexual assault offenses. Sexual Assault crime data collection was required to begin in calendar year 2008.

Special consideration had to be taken to disseminate the data collection guidelines for Sexual Assault reporting due to the nature of the difference between UCR offense definitions and Texas penal code definitions. In the Texas UCR program, rape is the only offense collected under the crime index, and that limits the reporting to that of only female victims with male offenders. Because there is greater variance in the offenses collected in the compilation of Sexual Assault data, this data collection should in no way be compared to the statistics maintained in the UCR Program.


The total number of Texas Sexual Assault incidents in 2010 was 19,007. These incidents involved 20,131 victims and 20,379 offenders.


In 2010, 20,379 offenders were involved in incidents of sexual assault. Of the offenders whose sex was known, 96 percent were male and 4 percent were female. The age group showing the highest number of offenders was the 15-to-19 year old bracket.

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