Vulnerable Children

Posted by Patricia on Sep 25th 2018

As a Leader in America

This children’s charity is involved with the fight against child abuse in the United States and abroad, as a top rated charity. Children are very vulnerable and need the nation’s help, especially since child abuse is everyone’s business! Since 1998, we have encouraged families to take steps and learn how to reduce violent crimes within their family. It just takes one brave person in a family to begin reducing violence in the home, and create lasting change for children. Be the voice in your family to help your family members. Remember violence is a learned behavior. Non-violence is also a learned behavior. We all must value the relationships within our families. Please start now and allow this valuable training to help you. Our services are unique.

Gaining Value as a Family

Should you find you or your family have gained value from our online training, please donate to further our mission. In most situations your donation is 100% tax deductible. Just click on the donate button and follow instructions, no matter how small or large the amount of your donation, it all adds up. You may also mail a check to our secure P.O. Box at Hope for Children Foundation, P.O. Box 191028 Dallas, Texas 75219

Our Mission

Helping children is our goal and mission. Providing guidance, support, suggestions, answers and education for you and your loved ones overwhelms us with joy. Helping to find the right path of action for protecting your child and your family from abusers is our primary goal. Full awareness of the immediate needs of crime victims will allow first response teams including state and federal law enforcement officers, judges and court personnel to make qualified decisions from the start. Then the “right actions” must follow to bring about protection for victims.

We feel it is important to train the general public with some of the training we provide to law enforcement officers. Many abusers and their attorneys already know much of this information. It is time for victims, their families, neighbors and the general public to receive this knowledge. United we can take steps to help stop child abuse! Training is also provided concerning major federal laws through The Violence Against Women Act. These federal laws provide excellent protection for children, women, and men. Become one of our partners in preventing cruelty to vulnerable children. It is an honor to serve you and your family.

A message from this Co-Founder of Hope for Children Foundation

Too many kids in America are suffering. It is extremely important for each citizen and family to understand state and federal laws concerning child abuse. Knowing your legal rights and the rights of a child are most beneficial, should you ever find yourself in a court room attempting to protect a child from abuse. Taking these steps are the right actions toward protecting your vulnerable children. Our goal in life is to provide great survival – safety – protective training throughout the United States. Standing strong with other child abuse prevention organizations and charities to protect vulnerable children is what we love to do.

Please do not be fooled by a few entities who are unlawfully using our good name without our permission. You must be informed and made aware, other entities are collecting money from the general public by using our name, Hope for Children Foundation. They absolutely do not have our permission. We built a good name, as an acknowledged leader in America fighting against child abuse. We filed for and received registration certification for our Trademark name. We proved we have continuously been in business in the United States of America operating as Hope for Children Foundation, since April 2, 1998, long before anyone else has continuously operated with our name.

Trademark: Hope for Children Foundation

Please review the facts by going to the United States Patent and Trademark Office Website for the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, Proceeding #92058111. The ESTTA Tracking number is ESTTA704309. The Serial Number of the Trademark request for our name, Hope for Children Foundation is 85673965. Then you too, will know the facts. It takes the people of this nation to help protect our nation’s children, we cannot do it alone. We need your help!

The call to actions of Hope for Children Foundation is a call of love, kindness and justice for vulnerable children, protecting the lives of our nation’s young kids. Start this process by accessing the free online training available through this site.

Thank you,

Hope for Children Foundation

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