Who Sexually Abuses Children

Posted by Patricia on Oct 5th 2016

Who sexually abuses children in the United States of America? Underlying character problems are common denominators found in those who sexually abuse children such as low self – esteem, alcohol/substance abuse, low-frustration tolerance, chronic family/interpersonal difficulties, and/or a narcissistic/inadequate personality. Sexual abusers, are likely to be people we know, and could even be people we care about. It would be easy to figure it out who the sexual abusers are if they were like the ones we see on TV – those strangers in trench coats hanging around the edges of playgrounds or the “monsters” who kill and mutilate children. They’re hardly ever like the “monsters” we could imagine.

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Who sexually abuses children? Is the monster lurking behind the tree?

Statistics show in 90% percent of child abuse cases, the child knows and trusts the person who commits the abuse. Most sexual abusers – the ones we know about and the ones we don’t – are fathers, mothers, stepparents, grandparents, and other family members (uncles, aunts, and cousins). They’re neighbors, babysitters, ministers, teachers, coaches, or anyone else who has close contact with our children. We can’t tell who they are by the way they look. What they have in common is that they thought about sex with children and then they acted on those thoughts by sexually abusing a child.

Who Sexually Abuses Children? Not “One” State in this Nation is FREE of Child Sexual Abuse

We understand that child sexual abuse is happening too often throughout the country. That means that adults and teenagers who sexually abuses children live in the same neighborhoods, shop in the same stores, and use the same laundromats we do. We may know them personally as part of our family or extended family, or in our circle of friends and neighbors. We may not know about their sexual activities around kids. It’s hard to face the fact that someone we know and even like might be sexually abusing children. It’s true, we all need to know what to look for and how to protect our families and our children since these statements are verified and accurate.

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Do all you can to help stop child abuse.

Adults Attracted to Children, So Wrong!

Some people, who by age are classified as adults, are physically attracted to children. Some of them never act on their feelings, although a child abuser does unlawfully act on their feelings. Some of these people may have sex with other adults, but may sexually approach children when they are under a lot of stress, like losing a job or getting a divorce, or weakening the thought process through substance abuse – substance abuse is proven to alter the thinking of one’s mind. Regardless of the reason, child abuse is always wrong. Some sexual abusers were victims of abuse or neglect as children. It’s not an excuse, just a fact. Although statistics show the cycle of abuse continuing, many victims of sexual abuse live their lives without ever becoming sexual perpetrators themselves. Some people sexually abuse children so they can feel the power and control they don’t feel in their relationships with other adults, it’s still unlawful and wrong. These are just some of the reasons why someone may choose to sexually abuse a child. None of these reasons excuse or justify sex between an adult and a child. No matter what the reason for the abuse, the effects on children are severe and can last a lifetime.

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