Protect Vulnerable Treasures

Posted by Patricia on Mar 29th 2019

Protect Vulnerable Treasures Protect Vulnerable Treasures to reduce violent crime against children and adults might literally require an act of the U.S. Congress and/or a constitutional amendment … read more

Google Tries To Help Kids

Posted by Patricia on Mar 8th 2019

Google Tries To Help Kids & Families In the midst of an American national crisis concerning protecting children, Google tries to help kids and families by advertising free online movie traini … read more

George Washington & a Federal Holiday

Posted by Patricia on Feb 21st 2019

George Washington As you know, he was the first president of the United States. So Americans celebrate his life, in addition to celebrating the lives of other American presidents, on President’ … read more

America’s Children Dream Team

Posted by Patricia on Feb 15th 2019

Together Be Apart of America’s Children Dream Team While you are busy we’ll be protecting children, giving them hope, moral guidance, and a dream. Join us, by helping make drea … read more