Good News

Posted by Patricia on Sep 25th 2019

Good News is what Hope for Children Foundation delivers to you today!Do You Know? Hope for Children Foundation offer free seminars and free online training videos for parents, care givers, police … read more
Hope for Children Annual Gala

Hope for Children Annual Gala

Posted by Patricia on Jul 21st 2019

Hope for Children Annual GalaWhat is the Hope for Children Annual Gala? The Hope for Children Annual Gala is a charity social occasion with stunning entertainment, events and special performances wh … read more

Honesty Relationships Love

Posted by Patricia on Jun 14th 2019

Honesty Relationships and Love Have you ever been hurt in a relationship when the truth was distorted, and you became aware of the lies told to you by someone you thought you could trust? Almost … read more

Something Called Courage

Posted by Patricia on Jun 7th 2019

Courage – Can Become Reality I am writing to you because of something called “Courage,” which is not exactly a widespread epidemic in the United States of America, yet courage is something … read more