“Child Protection System Outdated"

Posted by Patricia on Jun 10th 2018

AUGUSTA – Governor Paul LePage says Maine’s child protection system is outdated and says it is partially to blame for the deaths of two children, 10-year-old Marissa Kennedy and 4-year-old Kendall … read more

Substance Use Treatment

Posted by Patricia on Jun 6th 2018

Online Training for Child Welfare, Substance Use Treatment, and Legal Professionals Collaboration between the child welfare system, substance use treatment facilities, and the courts is important … read more

Trauma Impacted Development

Posted by Patricia on Jun 4th 2018

Trauma Impacted Development in Early Life, Potential Corrective Interventions Children age 2 and under are particularly vulnerable to child abuse and neglect and account for over one-fourth of all su … read more

Symptoms of Child Abuse

Posted by Patrica on Apr 8th 2018

Symptoms of child abuse could be warning signs to investigate and provide appropriate protection for a child. Be Aware of the Physical Signs of Child Abuse and Neglect. Signs and symptoms and beh … read more