“Child Protection System Outdated"

Posted by Patricia on Jun 9th 2018

AUGUSTA – Governor Paul LePage says Maine’s child protection system is outdated and says it is partially to blame for the deaths of two children, 10-year-old Marissa Kennedy and 4-year-old Kendall Chick. Hope for Children Foundation’s research evidences the majority of Child Protection Systems in each state of the nation are outdated. Too many children are dying and being harmed without appropriate protection for the children. Clearly, better steps of protection should be put in place for the benefit of our nation’s precious children and families.

The following video was developed with a grant through the United States Office of Victims of Crime. Please watch and listen to the 6:19 minute video and learn how you can help all victims, children and adults. Victims depend on all of us to survive and thrive in life. Please do all you are capable of doing to help those who are victimized.

This video was developed with a grant through the United States Office of Victims of Crime.

Governor LePage

Governor LePage was the first to speak in front of the legislative committee the day he went before the committee.

He expressed several recommendations for Maine’s child welfare system, saying the death of the two children could have been prevented

“Once you read these cases, you’ll have nightmares. These cases are horrific because they could have been prevented,” Governor LePage said.

Governor LePage says DHHS’ top priority needs to be what is best for the child and not family reunification.


“I’ve worked with many from DHHS and it’s very frustrating to know their doing the wrong thing, but the law is forcing them to do it,” Governor LePage said.

“Reunification in both cases was the worst possible thing that could have been done.”

He says outdated computer systems need to be upgraded for better access to case history.

Better Support for CPS Caseworkers Needed

The governor says the state should provide better tools and support for caseworkers.

“We in the Executive Branch are taking a very, very hard look at how do we provide better training and support and counseling for these young people. They

burn out too quickly,” Governor LePage said.

Do Not Allow Children To Die In Vain

Governor LePage says he wants to make sure these children didn’t die in vain. He believes the system is broken.

“I take full responsibility that we fix these laws. These young children should not have died. They should not have died,” Governor LePage said.

A work session is scheduled for June 28 in Augusta.

Challenge To Governors And Everyone In ALL States

Hope for Children Foundation wishes every Governor in each state would stand up for children like Governor LePage is voicing his concerns, and following through with actions in the best interest of children.

May God protect all children and those who attempt to protect them.

We cannot thank you enough for your concern and caring,

Hope for Children Foundation

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