Donate Help Children

Posted by Patricia on Oct 20th 2018

2018 Hope For Children Foundation Annual Liberty and Justice Walk We have chosen to postpone our annual walk until a later date. The date is unknown at this time. Please dona … read more

National Trends in Child Well-Being

Posted by Patricia on Jul 9th 2018

National Trends in the United States of America – Since 1990, KIDS COUNT has ranked states annually on overall child well-being using an index of key indicators. The KIDS COUNT index uses … read more

Substance Use Treatment

Posted by Patricia on Jun 6th 2018

Online Training for Child Welfare, Substance Use Treatment, and Legal Professionals Collaboration between the child welfare system, substance use treatment facilities, and the courts is important … read more

Educate Parents & Families

Posted by Patricia on Feb 5th 2018

Parents and families educate and rescue by learning about symptoms of child abuse. Signs, symptoms and behavioral warning signs a child may have been sexually and or physically abused can usually b … read more