Posted by Patricia on Jul 17th 2018

Public Service Announcement 2016 VOC USDOJ Serving Victims. Building Trust. Restoring Hope. Underscores the importance of early intervention and victim services in e … read more

Strength Resilience Justice

Posted by Patricia on Jul 16th 2018 Strength. Resilience. Justice. Video Full Transcript of Public Service Announcement 2017 Ref … read more

Victims of Crime Appreciate Help

Posted by Patricia on Jun 1st 2018

Victims of crime appreciate help unfortunately, they are individuals who have been victimized by a crime. When vitimized while experiencing childhood, they are particularly vulnerable. Children and ad … read more

Texas Family Violence

Posted by Moderator on Oct 4th 2012

Texas Family Violence Texas Family Violence – Uniform Crime Report for 2010 We do not have access to the 2011 figures to date. Victim/offender Relationships The largest percentage of Texas Family … read more