FBI National Statistics 97% Percent –

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FBI National Statistics 97% Percent – 

of abused children, reported to legal system, are not protected!


Governmental agencies charged with protecting our most innocent and valuable children are failing them at shocking rates. This information Example using DALLAS COUNTY CHILD ABUSE/NEGLECT SUMMARY is not provided as an attack upon the Dallas District Attorney’s Office but to rally support from the general public to elevate the Dallas District Attorney’s Office in every way possible. Donate your resources and support your local District Attorney’s Office, Crimes Against Children Division. Many obstacles exist when prosecuting child abusers, pedophiles and others who commit violent crimes against children, preventing victim protection by the legal system. Please get more involved to completely understand the issues preventing child victims from being protected.


The FBI collects child abuse statistics and information on a national basis and reports its findings from time to time.

Level the Charge!

Unfortunately for children, the research facts are accurate. We intend to level the charge by giving you the facts, hoping you will help cause significant changes, to better protect our precious children.

2005 Facts Compiled from the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office Child Abuse Division

Year 2005           

Dallas District Attorney’s Office filed/ indicted about 633 reported child abuse offenders.

About 576 cases were disposed of; (59 were dismissed for various reasons, 18 of these were victim related such as the victim recanting, couldn’t be found, etc… 415 were “plea bargain” without a trial – receiving anywhere from a misdemeanor against them to life in prison.) The Dallas District Attorney’s Office did not have the details of each plea bargain to release. 87 jury trials resulted with dispositions and sentencing. The Dallas district Attorney’s Office rated their jury trial convictions with 87% percent success, meaning they convicted about 76 child abuse perpetrators.

Do the math!

Calculate the number of reported cases below – from data gathered by The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, with the successful prosecutions above, along with the “plea bargain” cases. These statistics are part of the FBI’s national statistics. An average of 97% percent of abused children, reported to legal system, are not protected!

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services stated 20,479 initial intake reports were made alleging abuse/neglect of children in Dallas County (only), Texas in 2005. Of the cases reported, 5,116 child abuse/neglect victims were confirmed by the Dallas County Child Protective Services (CPS).

659,361           Total child population in Dallas County in 2005                 

  20,479           Dallas County CPS actual intake reports    2005 

  19,068           Total child abuse reports assigned for investigation in Dallas County (CPS) 2005

  12,304           Total Dallas County (CPS) investigations that were completed 2005

    3,329           Total case investigations confirmed by Dallas County (CPS) (involving 5,116 children) 2005

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