G. Washington Holiday

Posted by Patricia on Feb 22nd 2019

George Washington As you know, he was the first president of the United States. So Americans celebrate his life, in addition to celebrating the lives of other American presidents, on President’s Day. … read more

Indiana Ranks 28th in The United States

Posted by Patricia on Jul 7th 2018

Indiana ranks 28th among the 50 U.S. states for child well-being, but more children are living in poverty than in the past few years. Also, Indiana ranks 14th in education, but Indiana ranks 31st i … read more

Annie E. Casey Foundation

Posted by Patricia on Jul 6th 2018

The following information is provided by information and research gathered by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The 2018 KIDS COUNT® Data Book was made available June 27, 2018 through the Website of w … read more

Google Does Right By Children

Posted by Patricia on Apr 28th 2018

Google Does Right By Children Google Helps Create a Positive Future for Children in America & Around the World As a result of Google Adwords In-Kind donations to Hope for Chil … read more