Google Inc. Helps Children Teenagers & All

Posted by Patricia on Jan 29th 2018

Google Inc. helps children, teenagers, young and older adults create a positive future for children in America and around the world. Google Inc.’s corporate office is located in Mountain View, Ca … read more

You Can Help Children & Families

Posted by Patricia on Jan 6th 2018

You can help children and families. Learn what you can do to help provide a better and safer environment for children, their family and you? Keep me safe!Use Your Social Media Contacts We in … read more

Google Inc. Supports Vulnerable Children

Posted by Patricia on Sep 6th 2016

Google Inc. supports vulnerable children in America. On August 29, 2016, Google Inc. supports vulnerable children in America through an In-Kind donation to Hope For Children Foundation, corpora … read more

Memorial Day 2015 Thank You

Posted by Patricia on May 22nd 2015

MEMORIAL DAY 2015 THANK YOU Memorial Day thank you – We extend a grateful thank you to Veterans! We believe the soldiers who presently serve and served in all of the branches of the … read more